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Acid Graphics

Icons by suckmyspock
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It seems like everyone and their mom has a separate journal for their icons, but this one's mine.

Acid Graphics is just my little corner on the web where I share the silly (and oftentimes, amateur) graphics I waste my time making. I'm not a Photoshop expert, but I like to think I can make some pretty little things every now and then. And I work too hard on them to keep them to myself. This journal is public, and I hope to keep it that way (not a fan of the 'members only' communities). You can't join this community because it's closed, but if you want to get updates, you can still friend/watch the community -- I would be delighted. :D

+ Give credit where credit is due, please. It doesn't take too long to slap a simple name into an icon's keywords, or to slip a note underneath a banner. Plus, it helps let people know where you got it from.
+ Don't hot-link. It'll kill the Internet.
+ Don't claim anything as yours. That, too, can kill the Internet.
+ Enjoy the graphics -- have fun with them. That's the whole reason I share them with everyone out there in LJ land.
+ This one's more of a request -- comments are always fun! They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


Crediting icons is extremely simple.
Banners are even more simple; wherever you put the image, you could just leave a little note beneath it that says something like, "by: acid_graphics."

I use textures/brushes from all over the 'net, sometimes I use stuff randomly found on a Google search -- stuff that may or may not have a maker's name. If I'm using something of yours, and you aren't on the list, please let me know. In no order...
+ presents / refuted
+ keoni_chan
+ seldomspeaking
+ ihearttoronto
+ hanabito
+ babliz
+ hanako_lovely
+ ohfreckle

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